Athenian snow blizzard/Αθηναϊκή χιονοθύελλα



These are images taken today from inside my house. It has been snowing vicously all day and we are completely snowed in. No work tomorrow, hurray!

Μερικές φωτό από τη σημερινή χιονθύελλα. Εννοείται πως δεν θα μπορεσω να πάω γραφείο!



  1. To χιόνι είναι μαγευτικό. Πιο υπέροχο είναι που αρκετοί δεν μπορούν να πάνε στις δουλιές τους και στα σχολεία είναι κλειστά.

  2. the day it snowed in athens I was enjoying 25C in Miami… last time it snowed so badly in Athens, I was flying in from Genoa and before I checked in I told the lady pls check in Athens if the airport in open.. I heard its snowing badly. By the time I arrived in Milan all flights to Athens were cancelled….. anyway in a weather like this I would make a hearty soup…

  3. Soup would be my first choice as well, but I was out of ingredients and there was no way I could go to the supermarket!

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